• May 22, 2021


Biocortech is focusing on developing diagnostic application of receptor editing, an emerging field of rapidly growing interest that the company pioneered for the last years.

Biocortech is now addressing the emerging market of biological testing of neuropsychiatric diseases and aiming at being an early entrant in the market of biological testing of depression, with a proprietary blood test.

Biocortech core focus is on developing novel diagnostics for psychiatric disorders from its world-leading receptor editing technology platform. The biocortech platform is able to profile and measure precisely, reliably, and with much higher throughput than current methods, the whole set of edited mRNA isoforms of receptors.

Such a unique capability enabled Biocortech to identify biomarkers of potential use for in vitro diagnostic and monitoring testing. Biocortech’s first application is a blood test of depression.

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