• May 22, 2021


Biocortech is very much partner-oriented and relationships with our customers and partners are key to the development of Biocortech’s technology and services.

Over years, Biocortech build a network of academic collaborations and industry agreements that cover the different areas of research and development, such as neuronal plasticity. Biocortech acquired a deep understanding of the needs of pharmaceutical companies by working closely together with their research and development teams. This enabled Biocortech to create and adapt industry-wise solutions to improve their drug discovery and diagnostics activities. Biocortech is now forging similar capabilities in the field of diagnostics.

In the last three years, Biocortech successfully entered into and implemented several major partnerships including:

  • A discovery collaboration with Servier, based on Biocortech neuronal plasticity platform
  • A consortium sponsored by Medicen, Pole de Compétitivité (Paris – Ile de France competitiveness cluster in biotechnology and biomedicine), involving 3 partners, MEDIT, INSERM and PRESTWICK. The consortium which is aiming at developing applications of receptor editing was Medicen granted EUR3,4 million out of which Biocortech is eligible to EUR1.9 million.
  • A financing agreement with French innovation financing agency OSEO according to which Biocortech will receive up to EUR0.65 million to sponsor the first clinical pilot trial of Biocortech’s proprietary blood diagnostic test of depression, through a loan whose repayment is conditional upon success of the trial.

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