• November 6, 2021

DNA/RNA Extraction Kits

MagicPure Viral DNA / RNA Kit provides a simple and rapid method to isolate viral DNA / RNA from up to 200 μl from plasma, serum, body fluid, and mammalian cell culture supernatant. Samples are lysed with proteinase K and a unique lysis buffer. Viral DNA / RNA is enriched with carrier RNA and bound to highly efficient magnetic beads.

After washing, high-quality DNA / RNA is eluted from the beads. The resulting DNA / RNA is free from protein contamination and is suitable for PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, and qRT-PCR. The kit is suitable for automatic magnetic bead separation instruments.

  • Simple and fast, no centrifugation required
  • High performance and quality

RNase and proteinase K-free water are included.

Component EC301-01 / 11 (50 runs)

Binding Buffer 19 (BB19) 12 ml

Clean Buffer 19 (CB19) 18 ml

Wash Buffer 19 (WB19) 12 ml

RNase-free water 10 ml

Carrier RNA (1 μg / μl) 150 μl

Proteinase K (20 mg / ml) 1 ml

Magnetic virus beads 1 ml

Magnetic holder (16 holes) 1 / –

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