• May 22, 2021


You will be associated with the research projects of the laboratory and will be notably in charge of:

  • the culture of human or murine cell lines and their treatment with various pharmacological compounds,
  • performing RT-PCR using RNA from murine or human tissues, and cells in culture,
  • the analysis of the product of these RT-PCRs by the CE-SSCP technique,
  • computer and statistical processing of the data collected.

You will also participate in the tasks necessary for the organization of the laboratory (management of stocks of media and products for cell culture, orders, etc.).

Training BTS, DUT or professional license maximum, you ideally possess the basic techniques of Molecular Biology (RNA extraction, RT, PCR), Cell Biology (maintenance of cells in culture, transfection, selection, and subcloning). Having to work on mice, possession of a level II animal experimentation certification would be a plus as well as mastery of the primary culture of neurons.

Dynamic and showing intellectual curiosity, you are ready to acquire the mastery of new analytical techniques. However, a first professional experience is not a prerequisite.

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